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Summer Capital-Shimala

Summer Capital-Shimala



The one and the rest

The One and the rest!!!

The One and the rest!!!

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

To All,

I like that you seem to be a bit crazy, I like that you like the wire so we will have something to talk about in mornings, and I like that we both like sandwiches so we can eat lunch together, I like that you have me in you and you in me!!!!


208965_10150937068431589_853106134_nDarling Bebbey ,

I have married friends and single friends and pregnant friends and friends with three years old and friends sleeping with their ex-boyfriends and friends who’ve never slept with anyone and friends who might marry their current girlfriends, but don’t know and are OK with that and friends starting new jobs, idling in bad jobs, going back to grad school, buying houses, adopting dogs, killing house plants, writing novels, living at home, drinking too much, not drinking at all, having it all together, having nothing together, not having a clue.

I live in abject horror of pregnancy and childbirth; I can’t imagine every being responsible enough to own anything: a house, a car, a bicycle, nice pots and pans. I wear things called slacks and blouses, but buy them at Forever 21. I have health insurance, but don’t understand (or attempt to understand) anything that my plan entails. And I don’t know what’s going to happen to any of us, but I think we’re all going to be just fine.


Let’s raise a drink – make it something totally mid-twenties to not knowing and not worrying about it. To being half old, half young and totally fucking awesome

A toast to Charu and Rohit for messing everything and yet making fucking awesome life out of it.IMG_0695

Toast to all of us for running for love, then running away from love, running after marriage, running away from marriage

A toast to be thinking I wanted that break up and then realizing the same moment that the other person called for a break up.

Toast for arguing with each other and then forgetting the main topic of the argument.

Toast for standing with each other even after knowing the hard fact that my friend is a loser,big time!!

Toast for weird stories associated with each of us.

Above all a big toast for accepting each of us as we are, growing together and for the strong bond that we all hold!!


Chintoo(Yash Bhawsar in half pants or chaddi may be!!)

Milky(Alsaba Rahman)

Rock bro(I still suggest a name change to Arpit Dubey,Tauji is believable)

Goldy (Who would even reveal such a name Swati Khanduri!!)

Tarun Patidar

Laali(Yeah, it’s the ugly name but better than anju!!Anjali Trivedi)

Black Maggie(Standing ovation to the one who came up with this name for Vikram Chauhan)

Dolly(Naazish Rahman)

Sameer Karara

Heera(We are still trying to figure out why has she even for once called Heera!!Harsha Mahadule)



Where every bride shy away and sits silently our bebbey was chattering non stop. So what if we tried avoiding her in an attempt to make her silent, she caught hold of the photographer Vinay.I have to admit that’s how Charu is-a PR queen.Soon after  30 min. of failed attempt of silent sitting,Charu was found playing with haldi with all of us!!Charu, I guess,was the bride who mistakenly took haldi as holi!!oops!!

Rohit-the groom,is as unique as Charu herself.You know it in one look if the couple is made for each other…Rohit has similar traits.He himself couldn’t keep away from meeting Charu and the gang till the last day of wedding. Ofcourse when I say meeting,it involved late night meets,getting drunk, chilling,asking for help,puzzled looks,helpless eyes,evil jokes,flirting and reminding himself almost every min.that he still has a day of single hood to himself.Not that it was of any use to him now at mid-night!!!!

You know the kind of couple they are, humorously arguing,this is how:

“By the way I haven’t  forgotten, I’ll sign that receipt for you” said Rohit. He had written out a receipt for Charu’s mother. It read: Received: one daughter in perfect condition, fully guaranteed. Care Notes: gets bored easily, keep busy with a constant supply of retail therapy.

Not to be outdone, Charu also gave a receipt to her mom. It read: Received: one son, sold as seen, no refunds under any circumstances. I’ve re-decorated the room and changed the locks so you’re stuck with him. Care Notes: de-hydrates easily, top up regularly with beer.

The first wedding of our group and a sudden shock to us all…now the time has come. There isn’t any reserve left anymore…no more excuses will work, and now you can’t get away with it. THERE IS NO ESCAPE. not just to the bride but to all of us. Soon we all will be stumped out, one by one!!

You always can gauge your close friends from the intensity of  the excuses they have made just to be with you on an important day.

Charu here is the cue for you:

IMG_0644Yash: My relative isn’t well (P.S which one he doesn’t know!!)

Arpit: My relative has such a major health issue that the doctors aren’t able to diagnose( like the doctors are fools!!)

Harsha: After all the lame excuses she could give, boss denied her  leaves, so she was working from home!!

Also you can see their excitement and warmth from the efforts they take to make your wedding a memorable one. Of course we worked on our already given good looks but we dead tired ourselves with power yoga for zero size waist( a dream still left unfulfilled) and the dance practice had we done so much for our exams,we would have been amongst the top notch doctors,engineers,consultants or designers!!:p).Here is a glimpse of it:


Once you get a “Jiju” cool enough,you days are made.Hats off to Rohit for the following:

Rohit you have been so so chilled out all through the hustle bustle of the wedding that you have set a standard for all the ladies of the group to choose equally chilled out better halves.

Thankyou Rohit for being considerate enough in taking our jokes sportingly and at times stretching it the level we couldn’t have imagined!!

Ohhh!!Yes Rohit yes, we will thank you personally in kind too.Dont give us that look!!;)

Rohit you have been ranked no.1 Jiju:

1)As you are superbly liberal(on behalf of Alsaba)

2)As you are superbly chilled out (on behalf of Swati)

3)As you are superbly flirty (on behalf of Anjali)

4)As you are superbly smokingly hot and you have an alchoholic smile(on behalf of Harsha)


Charu watching you for the first time draped in saree was a mixed feeling.First startled, then emotional.You looked so gorgeous,a beautiful lady aware of the responsibility (of course for a change without the pout!!) ready to step into the new life.The commitment was seen all over the face,wanting to make the most of every moment, romantic, desperately hoping Rohit also senses the romance and makes that connection with you all night.By the auspicious red on your forehead…so much to express but is left unsaid.

IMG_0964There were few moist moments too!!It hasnt ever been easy for a dad  to let go his daughter, nor does a brother’s heart easily takes it up.Few very personal moments caught the attention and we could see how proud you have made your family.

To Charu and Rohit, united in love couple,we wish you all the best for future journey(ofcourse you know we are all a call away and the gossips wont rest with age 😉