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The Big Indian Wedding

The bride is 27 years old; the groom 29.She is a fashion designer; he is an investment banker. She loves colors, gerberas, butterflies and beaches. He loves Shakespeare, dogs and machines!!Together they conceived the wedding brief but overall all they want is a fun wedding. The brief doesn’t sound a brief at all. It starts by appointing a wedding planner. The days are gone where the close family members would decide the food menu, the venue and other important arrangements. Now the professionals have taken up the responsibility. So what if they charge exorbitant!!After all our national passion is neither film nor cricket as is commonly believed. Our national passion is marriage. People spend all their lives thinking about marriage, their own marriage, marriage of their siblings, children, and neighbors and so on. And also these planners eventually start living with you once the “exercise” of wedding begins. They become the extended family!

The next big step is to plan bride’s mehendi.It has to be simple. To be held in one of the villas with an open deck. A coffee table book with old photographs from the bride’s past. Thanks to Suraj Barjatya and his movies to have raised the expectations of the crowd around. Girls expect handsome, well groomed potential bachelors, while guys expect almost international models draped in cleavage revealing saris!

Then comes the final day of wedding. Call it a royal wedding to be held in a 300-year-old temple at Mandau Fort. The fort lightened in purple and silver, local folk artists performing, baraat comes on a camel back while the groom enters on an elephant. Both the bride and groom exchange wedding vows from Shakespearean sonnets they love!!

And folks it doesn’t end here. You can’t do without deciding on an exotic location for the honeymoon, and finally editing the honeymoon pictures and sharing it with millions of people who aren’t by the way even bothered!

So far we have been looking at the aggressive onslaught of the wedding culture. It is now time to do some introspection on ‘marriage’. The success of any marriage is not dependent on how much is spent on flowers, dining, or live entertainment, but rather on the lifelong commitment and dedication of the partners to the union. In the end most couples spend countless hours and resources planning their wedding but forget to plan their marriage. No matter how much time and money has been invested in its planning, the wedding offers no guarantee to a successful marriage. Planning a wedding should begin by planning the marriage; wedding lasts only a few hours but marriage lasts a life time.