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Emotions & Emoticons

Internet is a bliss.I say this not referring to many of its obvious advantages,but because momentarily it makes us visit some other world.

Like other unlucky in love people,my friend created an account in one of the dating sites chose to keep her profile low.You know the very logic that I want a genuine guy who would love me the way I am and blahs!In another minute she started checking other guys profile.Like a crazy hunter, she was brutally disapproving the profiles with no photos. Its surprising but with girls the pschycology reverses.If I don’t put a photo,I have a million valid reasons.But if the guy hasn’t put it,either he is ugly or fake.

Soon her eyes were stuck on one profile.Handsome,26yrs,banker ,traveller,foodie and a tee totaller.Before she could relish,she found out that he lived in a different city.She contemplated over it for some 30 seconds before she started to chat.

They got along well and the very first time they chatted for five non stop hours.Later that night they both agreed to meet online after work.Before she could log out,the guy asked for her phone no.and after a short girly tantrums she gladly gave him the no.

Next day starting from morning till night her fingers were dancing at double the speed over cell phone.The days filled with laughter and the nights got mushy mushy.Soon the emoticons and smileys became her real world.Two months and she thought she found The One!!She blushed looking at those cutely kissing smilies that he would text.The emoticon overdose got her dreaming about that nearly perfect life.She was soon in digital love and a virtual world.Finally they decided to meet up.The guy would come wearing a white shirt and blue denims.The day of meeting she took me along and we reached an hour before time.After an hour of wait there he was.Guy was the same as in profile picture.The only difference that his pictures went long back to his late 20s and now he is in late 30s.

She was hurt if not devastated.It was seen in her tearful dreamy eyes.I kept silent,consoled her.After an hour she sheepishly said “Shit happens!!” and we both bursted out laughing. And in a month she was completely over it.

For some reason I am not sold to the idea of real internet love (RIL).To me its like being told that dude you are tired of the trying in real world and now you need new firewalls and technology.The real world isnt this considerate and comfortable.It isnt the one in which moods and damages can be fixed in just a click or by an emoticon. Isnt  it paradoxical that a cold, logical machine has become an important mediator for the most warm and fuzzy of human emotions?

If you closely look at different profiles, they’re all the same, “Charming, sporty, generous, funny, ‘no mind games’, good-looking, sensual … They practically guarantee you’ll be on cloud nine.”Love in a real world is tuff.There are no perfect moments and perfect moods.If two people can manage to steal a lovely glance even for a second in a street jam packed,with boredom,pollution and sweat around, you are in love.The eyes that you trust and the smile that can relieve you cant merely be an emoticon.It is much more.,you are in love my friend.That is how love is in a real life.And the feeling of being loved is beyond any word or emoticon.

Don’t misunderstand me,I love technology. But I still like to hold hands,hug and feel a human touch and I know I’m NOT alone! So, evil smiley face jokes aside, while technology facilitates more contact in relationships, it can’t replace a human touch.So hug someone today people. Hold a hand. Share a smile – face to face. Put the damn technology down for 2 minutes and just love the world and each other.

*Hugs* to the world!!:)