TAS!!This Annoying Species

This Annoying Species

These days every tom,dick & harry tries to be a critique(kindly refer to me as tom or harry!).You know we all do what’s in fashion(like writing a blog!).For instance the moment Anna Hazare addressed his hunger strike,millions of our friends updated their social site status with criticism(don’t worry,none of them  really died or got scratched!)People might not be on streets as much as they were on sites updating their status.While a few questioned as to what is a lokpal bill(to which people answered try typing in google!), other were questioning if this hunger strike is actually going to change the current system and make India a corrupt free country.

As every one else I had my share of questions(I tried google & wikipedia for the answers though).Also we had people around us criticising the entire act of this trail.Now this is the species that annoys me in particular.This Annoying Species is another malice to society!

Recently on similar grounds those who have access to a television set were introduced to the phenomenon called ‘Satyamev Jayate’. The chocolate-faced Khan wept on camera, he displayed emotions of shock, he cringed in disgust. With a flick of his magic wand, he sought to unite the entire country against that malaise of the society(ofcourse the social sites again had an ocean of statuses talking about the same!)

Yet again as expected the “species” came into action.Again questioning the act (that makes me wonder why isnt the act of sex being questioned on grounds on guaranteed results?Ofcourse these days who is in hurry!).It doesn’t take a lot to put this species into action.Just a positive step towards improving anything and BAM!,they start criticising with tilted necks,tilted grin and ofcourse shaky hands.Aamir is making money in the cover of malice pactices of society. Aamir is himself has divorced his first wife and preaching people.But the one that has pinched me in particular says mere doing a show will not help change the society!

Now personally I dont mind Aamir Khan making 100 crores from the show.Thats his business. Suppose aamir khan never divorced would that change the fate of 2 million females who where murdered in last 20 years in India?I mean it doesnot make sense as to how is aamir’s personal life anyway related to issue of female foeticide.

My answer to this species in all fairness is that atleast something happening is better than nothing.The one liner that he used in his show “Dil pe lagi, lekin kuch baat bani kya”itself has gone much beyond  TRPs. BJP government of madhya pradesh suspended the licenses of 65 Medical Termination of Pregnancy Centres for not submitting their final reports.The Chief Minister of Rajasthan , ashok ghelot was compelled to call an emergency meeting to formulate a plan against the deteriorating sex ration in some parts of Rajasthan

Above two can be said as starting baby steps and would need lot more than one episode of aamir khan but these two are examples of positive impact that show has had in its first episode(even sex takes much more time to deliver results!)

Emotions apart, Aamir’s show will probably never be able to change the society that we are denizens of. One show can not change an entire eon of darkness.But somewhere, someone has to stir.You and I can not solely chane the society overnight.But constant urge in people has to be brought in, the faith has to be timely fetched,the enthusiasm of coming into action has to be pumped in, then only the spark of change will turn into a fire.Not just by standing,making faces and questioning the act.



Omnia Vanitas!!

So as said vanity has always been people’s favourite sin.I am not referring to vanity in common parlance, but in a more liberal sense. Vanity no more remains a business of the elite, or is accessible to a certain class.To our delight today, it’s approachable to all.

Personally, I don’t see vanity as a sin, but I think it becomes problematic when it impedes normal functioning.When we loose focus and compulsion, and strong feelings of superiority tips the scale. Like the other root sins,vanity springs from insecurity.We place our security in what others think of us. We constantly seek the affirmation, praise and respect of other people.

I would have supported this dependency, had we not forgottten for which side of the mirror are we seeking affirmations for.If the purpose would have been to strenghen the real self , the requirements would have been different.Then we would have jweled ourselves with joy, love peace & gratitude.But the Satan makes it so lucrative that we fall for the mirror image.Image that feeds on ego & pride to look attractive.Its when the line between mirror image & real image becomes invicsible and vanity becomes a sin.

To get this mirror image acceptable, we lie.We not just lie, we live that lie and we live it with proud.Needless to say that this sin triggers other sins.And then starts the vicious circle, strongly leaving an unstable, chaotic society.Society based on lies & pride,that does not believe in silent charity.A society that takes so much pride in its parctices that with time it fails to change.A society of distrust lead by heinous crimes.

And that’s how I guess the Holy Bible reads vanity as not just a sin but “the mother of all sins”!!

Please note that this is my version of the symbolic vanity.Any religious contradiction is unintensional and should be ignored.

I am Just OK

Some say the best art comes from a broken heart!Mine is not  broken but the one that has experienced almost all the emotions by now.Though my artistically created heart is kind enough to forgive most of the sins that exist.Some might take it as a sign of weakness, but i chose not to judge my poor little heart for everything that it demands.I mean we have other zillion things to judge,spare the harmless heart for god’s sake.


I genuinly dont want to grow up.All the theories that i had logically accepted as a kid seem to fade off.I always thought that  leaders of the country are fools and retards.Retards as they are not blessed with the part of the brain called cerebrum(for logical reasonings).All they need is to sit over coffee,talk and come to a solution that is mutually beneficial and fair.Now my logical part of the brain laughs on me and i agree to it ,believing it to be tampered by so many of these “grown up” acts.So dont i pretty much justify that i hate im growing?As a kid,my friends were all, whom i met even on random streets,played hide and seek and had good times with.My family was the entire lane,any house in the lane i can enter into ,at any hour of the day.And the world was anything from an attention seeking,bright coloured grasshopper to a stagnant weirdly shaped pebbel or as a matter of fact catchy sound that is not visible.Society never existed for me.I had no dreams and the best sleeps.


Today im a proud grown up and im still growing.Nevertheless,why be so rude to the “grown up”phase and cut it into pieces.It has its own charm.It still has the potention for self improvement.Improvements so that this super power brain can be kept enlightened,so that this machine can be greased with patience,so that the friction of temprament can be kept at minimal,so that faith can smoothen the entire machine.


It is then,when people ask me “how are you?”,i tell them “im ok”.I know I am just ok,but improving for the finale,that ultimate finale!!