The One and the rest…



I remember pondering over every night, draining myself with everyone and getting worn out on one question “How do you know if he is the one for the lifetime??”Well, to my equally lost friends who were drowsy with me on this same discussion over and over again, multiple times in a day: This might not be the best answer but this will certainly be of use!!:)

It’s that blink of an eye that steals all your dreams and responds back with a yes!!(At least that’s what had happened with me)

I don’t remember when I exactly fell in love. Nor do I know how I fell in love. But I knew one thing that there will be a life I had dreamt of. And that the right person to share with is him.

Yes, I am experiencing a lot of brawl within self which is hard to cope up with. Given the expeditious changes that each day I am dealing with, there are many such times when I freak out. But you know what?? You do cope up, not because you have given up, but he will help you hack it. He might not battle the world like in fairy tales but he will strengthen you enough to deal with it. He might not run against the crowd, but he will certainly take you aside, hug you and ask you to run yet again with him!! It is then you see “The One” amongst the rest!!He will not be your best buddy, but he will be your confidant.

I also recollect from our conversations the thought of not changing ourselves for anyone and also the very fact that how one doesn’t get bored of just one face!!Well my bridesmaid, I am a whole new person now. Yes, I am having a hard time and a tussle between the old me and the new me. I crave for my old space; I miss my loud speakers, late night M TV shows, beer cans, trippy music and the care free attitude. I am missing a lot on my randomness and an almost rock star attitude. Every second day I am stressed out; I ride on my bike and sit by the lake side. Then I comprehend that I am at maximum peace when I am with him. You will not be his buddy like you are with others. He will make you feel like a lady and will treat like a princess!! It is then you see “The One” amongst the rest!!

There will be times when he won’t reply to your “I love yous” and will walk off. But there will be moments when he will hug you tight enough to make you firmly believe that you are a whole world to him. He might forget dates and not pluck flowers for you, but he will surely water them for he knows you love flowers!! It is then you see “The One” amongst the rest!!

He will get busy, rough, rude and miss on the conversations you have had with him. But he will know that you were wearing pink nail paint in all the three functions that you attended. Finally my lovely ladies, as Ally always told us all, the more you will know him, the more you will  want to raise his kids and that will be the definitive of have found “The One” amongst the rest!!

P.S: I found my man but I still need my girls!!:)



About Kanjure

A financial banker by profession who has her soul in writing.I am a wandering dreamer,who has a world of her own.The only rule is a no rule world.So get painted,stay happy, explore the world through your lenses and see the magic!!

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  1. How happy it makes me to read so many feelings that you’ve penned down so simply. More so because I’ve very recently experienced each question you’ve raised and answered. I had so many questions about ‘love’. And you may be surprised to know that I discovered that it is not always about’s way beyond. It is like a bond, if you feel it with someone, you’ve won half the battle. To be in love everyday sometimes proves to be a liability, just try and enjoy the moment!!! cheers!!
    P.S. I like you!! 😉

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