The one and the rest

Three months after graduation, I was meeting Sahili. She was in town for some project on event management. Sahili was pursuing mass communication from Symbiosis Pune those days and I busy laying the groundwork for MBA in my town. We had spent sleepless nights at each other’s place during graduation. Combine studies, bunking classes, rating guys, sneaking out at mid-night, trying spirits for the first time, solving each other’s so called love life. We were partners in crime. So now you know the excitement we had.

Soon she reached my place. We screamed looking at each other,sprang round and all around hugging each other. People living next door, next to next door and beyond came out .But I could see that even they cherished the moment and each of them had a smile. She picked me up from my place and we went to the hotel accommodation arranged by her college for other participants. She made me meet her new friends Ally, Harshita, Aadima and Nandita. One week and I was one amongst them. We all had everything in common, may be in different proportions. But we had the same zest of living; we were curiosity driven, open to experiments, dreamers and wanderers.

Today, we all live in Mumbai, working. It’s been four years and we are growing together. It’s a closely knitted family. A home away from home.

It was four in the morning and I heard Ally screaming. I rushed out of my room to the hall. They all stood encircling Ally and in few seconds Nandita came running and joined the circle.

“Are you okay??” Asked Sahili.

“Noooo, and sooner even you won’t be” thrilled Ally replied.

“Aadima is getting married this July.”

Nandita opened her mouth to speak. Snapped it shut. Gulped. Then with a little more success she said something, but it came out raspy, barely audible. An utter silence for some fraction of seconds and all five pair of big surprised eyes glanced each others.

 “Woohoooo!!” we all whooped together, so loud that in a minute we had our annoyed neighbors and the complaining watchman ringing the door bell.Apolozising,Ally handled them and after five minutes of almost court trial, we got rid of them.

 I got my phone and immediately called Aadu keeping it on loud speaker.

Girls, I was waiting for your call “and there was a hysterical laugh on the other side of the call. Even after a serious warning from society people we all shouted a couple of times more.”Aadi congratulations…Aadi party!”! Nandita and Harshita shouted almost simultaneously.

I am coming to you all the next week” Aadi replied and after talking to one and all we finally cut the call.

We all happily sat on the sofa.

Finally, the days are here, we all soon will have different lives” I quavered.” Are you guys prepared??” I got tensed as I wasn’t prepared and I realized that now I don’t have the time to get myself prepared.

“You are never prepared Anupama” Nandita spoke.

Nandita is the most mature girl amongst us all. She is pessimistic but mostly mature. The kind of person who is apt to deal with the world outside. She thoroughly understands the unfair world. She takes her own sweet time to judge a person, always a little scared of the betrayals the person might bring. You know the way lawyers are, introspecting minutely from head to toe, not revealing what’s in their mind. She can sting if need be to anyone harming her, but to her people, she is caring and concerned. Genuine and reasonable.

Things will be just fine yaa,dont worry..For now lets roll a joint,celebrating rocking Aadu!” Harshita continued



About Kanjure

A financial banker by profession who has her soul in writing.I am a wandering dreamer,who has a world of her own.The only rule is a no rule world.So get painted,stay happy, explore the world through your lenses and see the magic!!

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  1. That’s such a wonderful piece put up… Kudos to you !!

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