Omnia Vanitas!!

So as said vanity has always been people’s favourite sin.I am not referring to vanity in common parlance, but in a more liberal sense. Vanity no more remains a business of the elite, or is accessible to a certain class.To our delight today, it’s approachable to all.

Personally, I don’t see vanity as a sin, but I think it becomes problematic when it impedes normal functioning.When we loose focus and compulsion, and strong feelings of superiority tips the scale. Like the other root sins,vanity springs from insecurity.We place our security in what others think of us. We constantly seek the affirmation, praise and respect of other people.

I would have supported this dependency, had we not forgottten for which side of the mirror are we seeking affirmations for.If the purpose would have been to strenghen the real self , the requirements would have been different.Then we would have jweled ourselves with joy, love peace & gratitude.But the Satan makes it so lucrative that we fall for the mirror image.Image that feeds on ego & pride to look attractive.Its when the line between mirror image & real image becomes invicsible and vanity becomes a sin.

To get this mirror image acceptable, we lie.We not just lie, we live that lie and we live it with proud.Needless to say that this sin triggers other sins.And then starts the vicious circle, strongly leaving an unstable, chaotic society.Society based on lies & pride,that does not believe in silent charity.A society that takes so much pride in its parctices that with time it fails to change.A society of distrust lead by heinous crimes.

And that’s how I guess the Holy Bible reads vanity as not just a sin but “the mother of all sins”!!

Please note that this is my version of the symbolic vanity.Any religious contradiction is unintensional and should be ignored.


About Kanjure

A financial banker by profession who has her soul in writing.I am a wandering dreamer,who has a world of her own.The only rule is a no rule world.So get painted,stay happy, explore the world through your lenses and see the magic!!

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  1. bhushan kothari

    nicely put across! U hv always been opinionated and nice at putting up ur views.
    N nw tht u hv this blog of ur own..ill definately look fwd to reading some nice stuff!

  2. I would only say.. Very well put down… but to each his own!!.. Keep writing, the start is interesting… Hoping some more wonderful stuff from you…. Way to go gal!!

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